Development Programs

EME Development Program

The EME Development Program is structured to ensure the sustainability of Exempted Micro Enterprizes with an annual turnover of less than R2 million,

EME’s are offered access to online resources relating to Safety & Health legislation, A Complete Health & Safety Manual, a Health & Safety File and a dedicated Health & Safety Consultant to assist with the implementation of the program. The program includes monthly compliance audits and monitoring of progress.

A Voluntary Development Program (VDP) is also available for EME’s wanting to develop their businesses in order to qualify for large projects and tenders. This program adds additional benefits such as assistance with company registration, UIF and Compensation as well as contracts of employment and labour relations advice.

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Work-to-Qualify Program (W2Q)

The Work-to-Qualify Program is designed to achieve two objectives. Firstly to develop disadvantaged individuals, who due to lack of finances, or the lack of experience cannot enter the employment market and secondly, to aid in the provision of human capital for the execution of its services under the EME development Program.

Students and candidates enrolled in the W2Q will be required to register for an approved training course and perform a set of practical assignments under the auspices of a mentor for a required number of hours per annum.

On a Cost-to-Agency basis, the Student will receive a financial assistance package which is distributed to allow for the following:

  1. A minimum allowance for the candidate, on the basis of a reasonable hourly rate,
  2. A Contribution towards the further education of the candidate.
  3. An optional employment guarantee with one of the Agency’s Corporate Business Partners or Sponsors.

The selection of candidates and content of the program is determined from time to time in close consultation with the Statutory and Professional Bodies regulating the profession.

Human Capital Development Program (HCDP)

As a further addition to the EME Development Program, the HCDP is available to EME’s on the Voluntary Development Program. More details on the HCDP will be released later this year.