Our role in SA

The Development Agency was established in April 2013 to initiate, stimulate and support safety & health compliance projects amongst EME’s involved in the Construction, Telecommunications, Transport, Agriculture and Fishing Industries in order to empower and equip them to have access to large scale business undertakings and ventures.

In its first phase of operation, the Development Agency’s aim was able to create a safety, health and environment program that will be cost effective to maintain, increase competency levels, and enhance the small business owner’s potential to comply with the requirements and demands of the bigger players within defined industries. This was done by assessing private and public sector interventions and managing capital investment into area-based economic development initiatives throughout the Cape Town metropolitan area.

The specific and agreed objectives of the Development Agency were to:

  • promote economic growth through the development and promotion of efficient business environments in defined geographic areas (Cape Metro and the West Coast).
  • development of the EME and the quality of life of its employees and their families.
  • promote economic empowerment through the structuring and procurement of Development Agency initiatives.

In general, the Development Agency’s interventions were directed at large scale, multi-faceted projects from which smaller contractors were previously excluded due to lack of capability to meet the HSE requirements set by larger corporations.

In the second phase of operations (between June and September 2013) the Development Agency started to focus on the development of individuals to be qualified as OHS Practitioners based on the needs of stakeholders within the defined industry sectors. The development of a National Code of Conduct, which is based on the ILO Convention for Safety & Health of 1981, are being circulated to all stakeholders for comment and to provide guidance in terms of their own needs and strategic plans.