Our Mission

The DASH SA Mission

To establish itself in SA as a development agent for:

  1. The health & safety profession in order to enhance, protect and promote those individuals and institutions who serve the interest of the profession,
  2. The employer in order to create a culture of health & safety within the work environment,
  3. The employee in order to educate and communicate about their basic rights enshrined in the Constitution of the RSA that safety and health is not a function, but a way of life,

To establish itself as a support function for:

  1. The Training and Education Institutions to continuously develop and improve the level of education afforded to HSE practitioners.
  2. Voluntary & Professional Bodies and Institutions who serve the HSE profession through the promotion, protection and development of the profession.

Strategic Objectives

The objectives of the Development Agency are to:

  • Create defined, strategic development programs in focus industry sectors.
  • Promote economic growth by actively contribute to safe and healthy business environments.
  • Turn around increasing injury trends by generating shared visions for future development, and encouraging safety & health management partnerships.
  • Develop local potential in marginalised areas to promote access to jobs and markets.
  • Encourage a culture of Quality Work Life.
  • Promote economic empowerment through the structuring and free distribution of Development Agency Safety and Health Programs.
  • Support productive development partnerships and co-operation between all stakeholders in these areas.